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If you have been affected by some traumatic event, I have a free gift for you

Are you suffering the effects of some kind of tragedy or traumatic experience?  It might have been a single event, a series of events or something over a long drawn out period of time. This self-help hypnotherapy download for adults and older teenagers could help you begin the road to recovery. It helps you let go of stored tension and anxiety and you can feel a sense of feeling comforted and calmed. Even if you have been feeling hypersensitive to sights and sounds, you can begin to experience a sense that it is safe to allow yourself to relax once again.
You receive gentle yet powerful suggestions for feelings of greater inner security and renewed hope which will continue to grow as you listen regularly.
NB Bear in mind that imagery of a gentle fountain and stream is briefly used if you have a fear of water.
Lynda’s gentle, voice calms, re-assures as she gives suggestions for boosting confidence and self –esteem which often plummets after traumatic experiences.

Trauma usually hits when you least expect it

It seems to be a human reaction for us to think that it always happens to someone else but of course, as we have seen increasingly over recent years, and particularly in recent months, it can happen to any of us, at anytime, anywhere. Manchester, Paris, London, Barcelona, Brussels, New York, Finland to name but a few.

The immediate aftermath

Immediately after some terrible incident the best thing really is to be comforted by loving family and friends if this is at all possible and talk about how it has affected you. At this point we are probably still in shock and don’t want people to be offering us solutions (other than practical help of course) or certainly not telling us about their own experiences! It’s just good to be able to talk about what happened and express our feelings rather than bottle it all up inside.

So if this has happened to you, choose a good listener if you can.

Common symptoms

Common post trauma symptoms can include intrusive thoughts, hyperarousal, flashbacks, nightmares, and sleep disturbances, changes in memory and concentration, and startle responses. Certainly if these continue over time it is worth getting some specialist help.

Horrific incidents affect survivors in different ways

People directly involved in these incidents will often have suffered tragic loss … loss of their family and friends and loss of their home and possessions and some will have also suffered horrific injury too. Some suffer from dreadful feelings of guilt because they survived when their families and friends didn’t, particularly when children are involved. Some feel that they don’t want or deserve to go on living. Some completely bottle things up and find that years later they experience symptoms that they can’t understand because the incident happened years before.

Witnessing horror

Some people who witness a horrific event or were simply passing by can also be affected by some of these symptoms. Mental images can seem to be ever present or appear suddenly out of the blue as flashbacks causing horrific panic attacks. Disturbed sleep of course makes everything feel twice as bad, sometimes causing confusion … ‘Why am I feeling like this?’ they ask ‘It didn’t even actually happen to me. I was the lucky one.’

Does time heal?

Well, it’s a bit of a cliché isn’t it? I’m not sure if time heals but generally it does make things a little bit easier to bear. If things don’t seem to be getting any easier over a length of time, or even seeming to get worse, then it is probably time to seek some professional help. It is well worth investigating what kind of help is available because different kinds of help suit different people and different personalities.

Some successful therapies for treating the effects of trauma

Hypnotherapy & the rewind technique, Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), emotional freedom therapy (EFT), Brain Working Recursive Therapy BWRT
Be sure to choose someone who is experienced in dealing with the after effects of trauma and somebody that you feel comfortable with and check out their qualifications and training.

Beware the effect of television

It begins to seem as though every time you turn on the news there is yet another horrific incident and even viewing this continual footage of terror and horror can be quite traumatic for some people. I think it is wise to be aware of just how badly this can affect children (and emotionally sensitive adults too) so be a bit careful in choosing what they watch.
I speak of this because recently I have been treating kids who have developed separation anxiety and panic attacks which have been sparked off by watching images of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire … watching the flames, hearing the people screaming and learning that there were people inside being burnt to death.
I know we can’t shield our children from everything that is happening in the world but we can ensure that they are not confronted with graphic terrifying scenes that continue to haunt them night after night when they go to bed. There are news programmes for children for example that are specially edited to avoid the most traumatic scenes and descriptions. Nor do they broadcast those awful, intrusive interviews of heartbroken people searching for missing relatives or those who have just received the worst news of all!

Two reviews of the free gift of the MP3 ‘After Trauma’

‘The most beautiful hypnosis audio I have listened to and with the lovely voice of Lynda Hudson. She has thought carefully about the content of this MP3’
Julie Ellis
What an amazing treasure and gift to have found you. It has been one week now of listening. My body, mind and emotions feel so much better. I have tried many of these types of audio tracks before by a number of very well known, highly recommended professional clinical hypnotherapists. I have not found any relief or improvement until now.
Thank you truly, so very much
Jennifer R

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