Remember when ‘zooming along’ meant this?

ZOOM has changed my Hypnotherapy life!

ZOOM plus Lockdown that is!  Previously I had carried out one or two Hypnotherapy sessions on-line for the occasional client in America or in Europe. But, as lockdown has meant that I couldn’t see people face to face, I had to get to grips with a new way of doing things.

I wasn’t quite sure at first …

But my first session was remarkably easy and worked really well. I could see facial expressions and general body language very clearly. Rapport seemed as easy as it always had been! The line didn’t drop, we could see each other clearly and talk to each other with ease and both the client and I felt things had gone really well.

The new normal!

At first it was just one or two on-going or previous clients but really quickly I was seeing people I’d never met before and in no time at all it had … as they say … become the new normal! The truth is of course that we humans are a very adaptive species! In any case, of course, for very many people zoom meetings are just a normal everyday part of their working lives. It was just that it hadn’t been mine … but now it is!!

What is the format?

The way I do it is to schedule an appointment on line and then I follow up what we do there with a tailor made MP3 for them to listen to at home regularly for on-going support. I see this home listening as 50% of the treatment and not an optional extra! I explain the format before we book and answer any questions the client might have.

A few preliminaries and then we’re away

On the day obviously, I explain to the client that if the line should drop, it will be fine. I will get back to them and we will continue what we doing before but I have to say this has only happened once and that was because the client was having local problems with their broadband. We simply re-scheduled and all was fine.

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

No, you can’t get stuck in Hypnosis. I see Hypnosis really as being a state of complete engagement of your mental attention on the thoughts, feelings and imaginative activity of the moment. A bit like a focused daydream. And if something or someone were to interrupt your day dream it would just be mildly annoying! Nothing more than that!

If the line were to drop. at the very most it would be like having someone disturb you when you were dozing. There can be no possible harm from being interrupted.

For answers to many more questions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy see my FAQ here

Advantages of on-line sessions

  • See facial expressions very clearly
  • No travel time or inconvenience … particularly good for kids who otherwise might have what they consider to be a long journey
  • No need for babysitters
  • Excellent for busy people who are under time pressure
  • Enables you to give sessions to anybody anywhere
  • The client feels at ease in their own environment
  • They don’t have to dress up and nor do you … I’m spending my time in leggings but wearing a posh top!
  • Spending less on clothes!
  • Clients and therapists stay safe and this is important for those people with underlying health conditions or are supporting other members of the family who have these conditions

And (hardly any) disadvantages

Of course this way of working doesn’t suit everybody, client or therapist, and fair enough! It’s not everybody’s ‘bag’.
Some people just really want to have face to face sessions
Some people are just not ‘tecchie’ and can’t handle the technical bit … But it’s surprising how many people have got used to this type of communication over Lockdown though

I love it

I love this way of doing it and maybe that’s half the battle … my enthusiasm is probably catching!
If you aren’t sure and want to check anything out of course you can give me a call see contact us