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Tame your temper


This is the second youngest in the NEW Anger Management Series The story and suggestions are gentle and age appropriate

Age 6-9 years Length: 27 mins

Helps your child find a way to cope with angry feelings and feel more calm and controlled inside

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  • Breathe out angry feelings
  • Breathe in calming and comforting feelings
  • Learn to take charge of angry feelings that could lead to trouble
  • Learn ways to respond calmly and safely
  • Stand back, think and use your calming strategies before you speak and act
  • Speak to a trusted adult if you need more help
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Does your child get into uncontrollable tempers? Are you desperate to know what to try next? If so, this relaxing, imaginative recording for regular quiet time or bedtime-listening for 6-9 year olds could be your answer. Lynda likens THEIR TEMPER TO AN ‘INNER LION THAT NEEDS TAMING’! She helps them FEEL CALMER and FIND STRATEGIES TO CONTROL THEMSELVES when things don’t go their way. They are taught to use their breathing to calm themselves down and STOP RAGES BEFORE THEY START. They learn strategies other children have suggested which have proved useful both AT SCHOOL AND AT HOME. With some children there seems to be an IMMEDIATE EFFECT but it is more likely that it will HAPPEN GRADUALLY with regular listening.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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