Calm and control vocal tics and bodily twitches


Older children, teenagers and adults Length: 25 mins

  • Relax comfortably & deeply
  • Engage the power of mind & body
  • Reprogram your unwanted movements
  • or sounds through mental visualisation
  • Helps maintain relaxed control
  • Express tension privately at appropriate times
  • Builds confidence & self-esteem
  • Visualize confident self in everyday life
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Enjoy relaxing, and engaging the power of your mind to work in harmony with your body through mental imagery and powerful hypnotic suggestions to reduce or eliminate the tics. You imagine finding the control centre in the mind and adjusting or switching off unwanted sounds or movements and then visualize yourself in your everyday life, calm and relaxed with fewer or no disruptions from the tics. You may possibly choose to allow some tics to occur at times and places of your choosing to release any build-up of tension. For maximum benefit, use daily for several weeks and then from time to time for ongoing support.

NB Tics vary in severity; transient tics in young people very often disappear quickly and easily with use of the recording, while chronic tics may take longer or, in some cases, be unresponsive. Even in this case the child usually feels noticeably calmer and more able to cope. This recording is intended to support and not replace medical advice.

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