Calm and control vocal tics and bodily twitches


Older children, teenagers and adults Length: 35 mins

  • Blow doubts and worries into balloons
  • Watch anxieties fly away
  • Feel safe and confident
  • Notice warm, happy, confident feelings inside
  • Visualize confident self in everyday life
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Does your child suffer from unwanted vocal or motor tics? This gentle, relaxing CD/ Download for young people from about 8 years upwards could be very helpful. It teaches them how to use their breathing to let go of tension and breathe in a sense of calm. It may also help them TAKE MORE IN CONTROL OF THROAT SOUNDS AND BODY MOVEMENTS. As they relax into a comfortable day-dreamy state, they are guided to imagine finding the control centre in the mind and then ADJUST OR SWITCH OFF UNWANTED SOUNDS OR MOVEMENTS. They then visualise themselves calm and relaxed in their everyday life, with fewer or no disruptions from the tics.

NB Tics vary in severity; transient tics in young people very often disappear quickly and easily with use of the recording, while chronic tics may take longer or, in some cases, be unresponsive. Even in this case the child usually feels noticeably calmer and more able to cope

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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