Calm After Trauma - Buy MP3 online - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist

Calm After Trauma


Adults & Teenagers – Length: 26 mins 36 secs

  • Are you suffering from ill-effects from a trauma, recent or from long ago?
  • Are you filled with inner turmoil?
  • Relax with this soothing audio and feel gently calmed and comforted
  • Be guided to release fears and anxieties through the imagery of the gentle spray from a fountain
  • Begin to recover a sense of inner stability
  • Notice yourself feeling calmer and safer
  • Absorb more positive coping strategies


Are you still suffering ill-effects still lingering on from a trauma, either recent or from long, long ago? Does it feel as though you are filled with inner turmoil that you can’t escape? Do you wish you could get some relief from those stored fears and anxieties and recover some sense of inner stability?

If so, this recording could be a real comfort for you. Expert hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson, who is experienced in working with trauma sufferers, aims to help you let go of stored fears and emotions and begin to find inner strengths and resources to help you begin to feel safe again.

She helps you now in the present moment to find a sense of peace and calm both mentally and physically through, amongst other techniques, relaxing breathing and tension release coupled with effective calming suggestion.

You are guided through a process of letting go of stored tension in the mind and body making use of very soothing, releasing imagery of letting the water from a fountain gently cleanse you of those unwanted fears. In addition, she helps you in the longer term to build a stronger, lasting, calm inner response. You will learn how to calm and slow down over-stimulated responses and experience a little tranquillity wherever and whenever it’s safe to do so.

This audio is part of our Trauma Series which helps with various aspects of trauma reactions. Lynda’s approach is based on many years as a clinical hypnotherapist and she has helped thousands of people across the world with her recordings. As the author of two widely-acclaimed books on hypnotherapy for both adults and children alike, you can be sure that your personal development is in the safest of hands.

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