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In the hands of an expert, hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe, with no harmful side effects. It is a gentle and enjoyable way to treat and relieve a whole variety of problems. These problems could be: physical, such as IBS; habitual, such as smoking; emotional, such as hurt or guilt; or psychological, such as obsessions or compulsions. Sometimes they can be a mixture of all of these.

Hypnosis is a gentle state of relaxation which is, by turns, focused and ‘day dreamy’. In this state of absorbed thought we are able to get in touch with our own powers of creativity and also become more and more receptive to suggestions for positive ways forward. Contrary to what stage hypnotists would have you believe, you are always in control and can choose to accept ideas which can bring about long-lasting change and improvement in your life

Read more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the FAQ Section

Overweight man with cigarWhat our clients say

'I’ve noticed some dramatic changes that I’m really pleased with’

‘Just to let you know that the ceremony went off brilliantly!

'No nerves and so relaxed’

‘My wife thought I was a different person! Thanks for all your help’

'I feel much better already; I did get a few funny looks yesterday as I was smiling like a Cheshire cat!'

‘It’s just as though I’ve never smoked. It’s amazing!'

What issues can hypnotherapy threatment sessions help?

By the way, we also have CDs which help with all topics that are highlighted - follow the coloured links to our CDs page

Breaking unwanted habits

Want to stop smoking? Read more about intensive sessions supported by a free CD

Nail biting; nervous tics; over-dependence on alcohol or drugs

Woman with suitcase
Anxiety, fears and phobias

General anxiety; panic attacks; flying; exam and driving test nerves; claustrophobia; agoraphobia; dentistry; spiders; birds; speeches; travel phobias, toilet phobias, school phobia to name but a few

Confidence issues

Lack of confidence and self-esteem at work / at home / socially

Social and professional challenges; presentations, meetings and interviews; dealing with authority; public speaking; social occasions, dealing with difficult people or situations

Elderly man and woman
Physiological symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome; migraine; asthma; allergies; PMS; muscular tension; pain control; compromised immune system; coping with cancer and other illness, preparation for and recovery from surgical procedures

Emotional problems

Unresolved emotional issues, recent or from long ago, which negatively affect your life. You can be guided to understand and let go of limiting negative emotions such as feelings of guilt, loss, jealousy or pent-up anger. You can move forward into a freer and more fulfilling future

Stress Calm, smiling woman

Stress can arise from work, home, relationships, low self esteem, and a host of other areas

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can arise from a terrifying event or a sequence of events. Although you cannot change what actually happened you can be helped to understand at a deeper level that it is over and past now. People often understand in a factual way that it is over but they need to understand at an emotional level. We use different treatments (Hypnotherapy, EFT and EMDR) to help you do this and to cope with life in a stronger more appropriate way for you now

Hypnotherapy can help with a vast range of other problems not mentioned here - phone us and find out how we can help you

Phone Lynda Hudson on 020 8402 1928 020 8402 1928

You can also look at the FAQ section to see if your question is answered there

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Stop clenching your teeth  


Relief from skin irritation  
  Cope with verbal bullying  
  Verbal bullying  
  Focus & Concentration  
  Build your self esteem  
   Prepare for your operation  
  I love school  
  I love going to the dentist  
  Stop sucking your thumb  
  Let go of Anxiety  
  Control your bladder  
  Let your worries fly away  

Improve your confidence


I'm dry at night

  Calm and relaxed at the dentist  
  Revise and remember  
  Boost your self esteem  
  Rest and sleep  
  I'm confident  
  Overcome exam nerves  
  Calm & control vocal tics  
  Say goodbye to fussy eating  
  Manage your dyslexia  


Manage your IBS  


Stop biting your nails  


Confident public speaking  


Manage your diabetes  
  Tame your temper  
  Adults' Section  


Stop clenching your teeth  


Relief from skin irritation  


Manage your IBS  


Stop biting your nails  


Confident public speaking  


Manage your diabetes  


Manage your weight  
  Get a good night's sleep  
  Stop Smoking  
  Feeling Low?  
  Purely Relaxation  
  Pre-surgery and healing  
  Learn Self hypnosis  
  Stress relief  
  Lose weight  
  Be assertive  
  Boost your confidence  
  Before you fly  
  Fly with confidence  
  Relieve anxiety  
  After trauma  
  Top tips for trainers  
  Breast cancer  



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