Verbal bullying


Older children & teenagers / length 25 mins

  • Feel relaxed, comforted and supported
  • Imagine an inner storehouse of thoughts,
    feelings, images and beliefs
  • Clear out harmful words and influences from others
  • Find your inner strength and boost self esteem
  • Store positive inner messages so you are less vulnerable
  • Visualise self coping with more calm and personal confidence
    in every situation.
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Is your child a victim of verbal bullying? Do try this gentle, relaxing yet powerful, self-esteem-building hypnotherapy recording for young people aged about 10-16 years. It’s a wonderful way to release negative feelings, get a sense of emotional support and feel more calm and confident about coping with bullying behaviour. Listen to the recording preferably daily, because the effects are cumulative. Listening at bedtime relaxes, calms and helps them drift off to sleep. They imagine a mental storehouse of beliefs and opinions about themselves and throw out any negative beliefs and harmful messages from other people. Then they receive powerful suggestions for finding their inner strengths and recognising their own positive qualities and achievements. Strengthening these inner beliefs helps them become more resilient.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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