Relieve stress the mindfulness way - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist

Relieve stress the mindfulness way


This recording is part of the new series, “The Mindfulness Collection”
Adults and teenagers Length: 23 mins
Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions enhance this meditation:

  • MP3 Format only
  • Relax and focus on your breathing
  • Understand how imagery can initiate calm sensation
  • Uses the imagery of a calming and soothing lake
  • Practise letting go of tense, stressful thoughts with your breathing
  • Untangle tense knotted feelings
  • Focus on the experience of peace and stillness
  • Regular listening brings about an increased sense of calm and ability to cope


Lynda’s ‘Mindfulness Meditations’ encourage a change of perspective. You relax deeply, learn to pause for a while and observe your inner thoughts and feelings from a more detached point of view. This change of focus helps you to simply notice tension and unwanted thoughts and feelings, acknowledge their presence and then let them go with your breathing. Regular practice results in less stress, less strain and less strident whirring of the mind and encourages more objectivity, more balance and more satisfaction in your life. The focus becomes more on even slight feelings of calm at first and then gently spreading and increasing those feelings of both mental and physical ease and calm. Research bears out the value of Mindfulness.

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