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Anger management


Adults Length: Track 1: 25mins Track 2: 26 minutes

  • Relax comfortably and deeply
  • Identify the source of your anger
  • Are you an ‘exploder’ or an ‘imploder’?
  • Identify anger triggers
  • Learn a calming breathing technique
  • Take control of your temper
  • Express your feelings in an acceptable way
  • Keep yourself and others safe
  • Respect others; respect yourself


This is a self-help hypnotherapy twin track recording for adults who really want to manage their anger in a more appropriate way. You can choose whether you prefer to listen to both tracks in one sitting or to listen to each separately.

Track1 teaches you a simple, effective breathing technique to calm and clear the mind. Through guided self-reflection, you explore the origins, triggers and previously uncontrolled expression of your anger. You can also use this recording in conjunction with individual counselling

 Track 2 takes you into a deeper state of hypnosis to absorb positive suggestions for letting go old stored anger, handling feelings more safely and taking control of your temper.

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