Introduction to Using Hypnotherapy with Children - Lynda Hudson - Hypnotherapist

Course Descriptions


The Introductory course will comprise 4 x 90 minute sessions plus one pre-recorded audio talk over a period of 4 weeks

There will be a mixture of informal lecture, examples of case study and student question (via instant messaging) and answer

The online training will help you identify and be prepared for the differences in approach between working with adults and working with children. It offers general principles, guidelines and good practice for the safety and protection of child and therapist alike

By using a solution focused approach it seems that often as much therapy can take place outside the trance as inside the trance. It is important to be aware of the expectations of all concerned (including your own) and to expect the unexpected and be able to use your own creativity and imagination.

You Will Learn

  • General Principles And Guidelines
  • Differences You Will Find Between Adults And Children
  • The Importance Of Pre-Session Explanation To Parents
  • How To Prepare A Session
  • How To Structure A Solution Focused Session
  • Guidelines For Both Client And Therapist Safety
  • The Purposes Of Inductions With Children
  • Age Appropriate Induction Techniques
  • Induction Scripts And Ideas
  • Suitable Interventions
  • Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence Building
  • Disadvantages Of Low Self-Esteem
  • Advantages Of Healthy Self-Esteem
  • Possible Disadvantages Of Overly-High Self-Esteem
  • Suggestions For Esteem Building Activities
  • Advice To Parents


Introduction to Hypnotherapy with Children

February Course:
Thurs 2nd Feb 2017 Module 1
Thurs 9th Feb 2017 Module 2
Thurs 16th Feb 2017 Module 3
Thurs 23rd Feb 2017 Module 4

Time: 4 – 5.30 pm UK time

Location: Your own home!

Fee: £150 for the complete training
(4 x 90 min sessions over a period of four weeks plus one pre-recorded audio talk.)

Please contact
for methods of payment and registration details

Refund Policy: You may cancel in writing (email OK) within 7 days of booking and a full refund will be made to the card or bank account from which the payment was made.

You will take away

There will be student notes to support each session and a variety of scripts and strategies for use in your therapy

Attendance Certificate

Each participant who attends all sessions, either in person or via the recorded version, will receive a certificate of attendance

Optional Certificate Based On Examined Competence

There will be an optional assessment certificate based on a 90% successful completion of a multi-choice question paper and a submitted assignment with individual feedback from Lynda. There will be a £50 fee for this to cover the marking and feedback time

The workshop assumes knowledge and skill using a variety of hypnotic approaches with adults

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