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FAQs about CDs for adults

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How do therapy CDs work?

Lynda’s calming pleasant English voice encourages you to relax physically very comfortably and develop a deeply calm, focused mental state where your unconscious mind is particularly receptive to positive suggestions. These suggestions will always be of your own choosing as your conscious mind is able to reject any suggestion which would not be ideal for you. The suggestions are very carefully composed to increase your calm and confidence and ability to cope in your particular circumstances

Should I choose a CD or should I have an individual session?

Thousands of people have benefited from listening to the CDs and many have contacted us to say how helpful they were and how much they enjoyed them. Lynda’s expertise as a therapist of more than twelve years enables her to script each CD very, very carefully using words which, although general, resonate with the listener to create an intensely personal experience

Clearly, if you attend for a session in person you will have the additional benefits of individual, personalised therapy

Is it dangerous? Are there side effects?

In the hands of an expert, hypnotherapy is a completely natural and safe therapy and any side effects are those of increased calm and confidence

Am I in control all the time?

You remain in control all the time and should you want to stop listening you can open your eyes at any moment and come back to full waking consciousness immediately. DO NOT USE THE CDs WHILE DRIVING, however, as you will probably feel far too relaxed to concentrate on the road!

When should I use the CDs?

It is best to use the CDs when you have time to relax and give them your full attention away from the TV or other distractions. This may be before you go to sleep so that at the end you can just drop off to sleep. It depends on the reason you are listening and your own preference; some people choose to listen in their lunch hour, for example, for a quick boost to confidence before a presentation or meeting

If I have different CDs, can I use them at the same time?

It is usually best to listen to one CD for a few days (or occasionally even weeks) and then when you are ready you can try the other one. It really depends on why you are using them; CDs with a confidence theme may be very positive if used together, whereas you don’t want to mix ‘Calm and relaxed at the dentist’ with ‘Lose weight’ since you risk diluting the effect of both

What happens if I go to sleep while listening?

Hypnosis puts you into a light state of trance akin to the state you are in just before going to sleep, or on a warm summer’s day while day- dreaming and letting your thoughts wander. Your subconscious is more ready to receive the positive suggestions on the CD when in this state. If you go into a deep sleep while listening, it is questionable whether the message will come through so try to time your listening so you will be awake, even though pleasantly drowsy, the whole time. However, if you are listening to overcome insomnia clearly it will be positive if you drift off to sleep while listening!

How long should I continue to listen to my CD?

Listen regularly for a minimum of four days a week (preferably daily) until you find you are getting the results you want, feeling and behaving more confidently for example. Even then it is good to boost the effect by listening every so often, perhaps once a week. If you are in any doubt, please email us for advice

Are you going to produce any new titles soon?

We are currently working on IBS, Preparation for your child’s operation, Manage your ADHD, and one to help children be more adventurous with their eating. These should be ready soon

Do you produce tailor made CDs?

If there is not a title which deals with your specific issue and if you cannot come for a one-to-one session, we can record a CD especially for you. We would need to consult extensively with you by phone or email before carefully scripting the CD and recording it. It will be like having a one-to-one session and the price would reflect this. You can see more information here

Can the CDs force me to do something against my will?

You are always in control and can reject any suggestions which you might possibly think are inappropriate for you. Remember that the reason you are listening to a particular title is to achieve something you have chosen for yourself. The CDs have been scripted carefully and ethically and any suggestions given are positive and directed to help you achieve your aim

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Lynda Hudson
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Stop clenching your teeth  


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Stop biting your nails  


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