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Cope with verbal bullying


Stay strong inside
Age 6-9

  • Breathe in the colour of comfort and ease
  • Breathe out unwanted thoughts and feelings
  • Feel safe and strong inside invisible bubble of confidence
  • Unkind words bounce off the bubble
  • Visualise self coping calmly and confidently everywhere Boosts self esteem

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Is your YOUNG CHILD BEING UNKINDLY TEASED OR VERBALLY BULLIED? If so, this relaxing, imaginative recording for regular quiet time or bedtime-listening for children aged about 6-9 years could be your answer. Gentle & relaxing, it gives them a way to let go of upset feelings and helps them feel more CONFIDENT ABOUT DEALING WITH NAME CALLING AND MEAN BEHAVIOUR. It allows them to feel more protected by creating an invisible bubble of confidence around them so that unkind remarks don’t upset them in the same way.
They are encouraged to MENTALLY LISTEN TO THE REMARKS BOUNCING OFF THEIR ‘BUBBLE’ so that they have less and less effect on them. They receive powerful suggestions FOR SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE AND BECOMING MORE RESILIENT in the face of other children’s unkind behaviour.
Lynda’s gentle, calming, voice re-assures and encourages as they listen. The more they listen, the more effective it will be. For optimum benefit, listen daily initially, usually best at bedtime so they can drift calmly and comfortably off to sleep at the end. If you find that they regularly fall asleep more or less immediately, have them listen earlier in the evening or in the daytime instead. Once you have noticed the changes, listen every so often for on-going support and to maintain the changes. This approach is completely natural and drug free and is based on sound hypnotherapy principles. Regular listening is the key to success!
Each recording is based upon the skill and experience that Lynda uses in her one-to-one therapy sessions and she aims to give your child the same type of experience while they relax in the privacy and comfort of their own surroundings. Never have this playing aloud when driving or when you need to concentrate on something else as there are suggestions for relaxation, and it could take your attention away when you need to be at your most alert.
This recording uses state of the art technology and can be listened to with or without headphones.

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