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Overcome exam nerves


Length: 22 minutes

  • Feel calm and sleep well in the lead up to the exam
  • Feel calm & overcome exam nerves on the day
  • Carry out exam skills &strategies that work
  • Learn a trigger for calm & concentration
  • Form calm associations with the exam room
  • Develop a clear and alert focus
  • Visualize taking exam with calm & control
  • Build confidence

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This relaxing MP3 teaches teenagers and adults how to stay calm and deal with unwanted nerves when taking exams.
It also reminds children of useful exam skills and strategies and guides the listener through an imaginary experience of taking the exam in a calm and controlled manner. It encourages little triggers for associating increased calm and clear thinking with, for example, picking up a pen or turning over an exam paper. It is primarily aimed at teenagers and adults who are taking more formal exams but younger children have also found it effective.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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