Online mp3 Providing soothing, calming help for anxious children

Let your worries fly away


Age 5-9 years Length: 20 mins

  • Provides soothing, calming help for anxious children
  • Enjoy relaxing easily and comfortably
  • Breathe away nervous feelings into an air balloon
  • Place worrying thoughts into the basket
  • Watch the worries float away
  • Learn an instant trigger for feeling calm
  • Receive suggestions for calm, confidence and reassurance

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Does your child have A TENDENCY TO GET WORRIED AND ANXIOUS? This gentle and relaxing CD / Download for 6 -9 year olds could be just what they need! It helps them RELEASE WORRYING THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS and feel more calm and comfortable inside. Children, imagine breathing in a wonderful calm colour and breathing out unwanted thoughts or feelings into an air balloon or into the basket underneath. As they WATCH THE WORRIES FLOAT OFF into the distance they are given suggestions for feeling CALM, COMFORTED AND MORE CONFIDENT. They then learn an instant trigger for calm feelings and imagine themselves using this successfully in their daily lives. They can relax FEELING SAFE AND PEACEFUL as they listen and, if it’s bedtime, drift comfortably off to sleep at the end.

The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success!

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