Be assertive


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Adults – Length: 25 mins

  • Build your self esteem
  • Find your assertive self
  • Understand assertion is not aggression
  • Think and behave in a naturally confident way
  • Be comfortable with yourself and others
  • Believe in yourself

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Do you find yourself always PUTTING OTHER PEOPLE’S NEEDS IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN OR HANG BACK FROM STATING YOUR OPINION?  Then this self-help hypnotherapy CD / Download for adults is for you! It helps you DISCOVER OR CREATE YOUR ASSERTIVE SELF. Lynda combines her HYPNOTIC EXPERTISE AND HER EXPERIENCE IN ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING on this recording. It can help build your self-esteem and assertive beliefs and so encourage you to behave in a NATURALLY ASSERTIVE, RATHER THAN AGGRESSIVE, MANNER. As you listen, the more you become emotionally strong, positive and confident and able to cope more effectively with a wide range of situations in everyday life. For optimum benefit, use this recording at least three or four times a week initially. Once you have noticed the changes in you, it can be used every so often to support and maintain the changes. Be Assertive

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