Tics Control sounds and movements


Age: 5-9 | Length: 25 mins

Feel more in control of unwanted sounds or fidgety movements

  • Breathe in relaxing, happy colour
  • Breathe out any worries or sad feelings
  • See your brain’s control room and find the remote control
  • Learn how to quieten unwanted sounds
  • Learn how to still unwanted movements
  • Build confidence and self esteem
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Is your young CHILD BEING TROUBLED BY ANNOYING TICS SUCH AS UNWANTED FIDGETY MOVEMENTS OR IRRITATING SOUNDS? This gentle & relaxing, self-help hypnotherapy recording could be the answer for your 5-9 year old. With regular bedtime, or other quiet time, listening children are helped to FEEL MORE CALM AND RELAXED, GET A SENSE THAT THEY CAN TAKE SOME CONTROL OVER THESE SOUNDS AND MOVEMENTS, and receive suggestions for BUILDING CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. They imagine walking into a special control room and FIND A PICTURE OF THEMSELVES ON A BIG SCREEN. Using a remote control they learn to control the image and TURN THE SOUNDS DOWN AND MAKE THE MOVEMENTS STILL. It’s a way of getting mind and body to work in harmony using powerful imagery and visualization. This SUCCESSFUL APPROACH is based on natural, safe, sound hypnotherapy principles: ACT OUT EACH POSITIVE STEP IN THE IMAGINATION AND DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THE CHANCE OF SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD. Lynda’s gentle, voice calms and re-assures as she gives suggestions for BOOSTING CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM. As a FORMER TEACHER AND CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST of many years standing, she has helped thousands of children world-wide through her CDs and downloads. She has featured in the press, TV and radio and is author of two widely acclaimed books on hypnotherapy with children and adults. The recording uses state of the art technology. Regular listening is the key to success! This recording is intended to support and not replace medical advice. Permanent change cannot be guaranteed in all children.

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