Control your bladder, Good morning


Ages 10-15 Length: 21 mins.03 secs

  • Mind and body work together
  • Take control of bladder during sleep
  • Imagine mind as mental computer
  • Reset bladder control function
  • Wake if need to use bathroom
  • Wake to warm dry bed in morning
  • Regular listening is the key to success!
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Is your 10 to 15 year old still wetting the bed? Don’t despair! There are many possible reasons so first check out with your medical practitioner that there is no underlying medical cause. If there is not, this gentle, relaxing self-help CD / Download could be your answer, as it has been for so many others! The child receives a BOOST TO CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM and powerful suggestions to TAKE CONTROL even when asleep! As they relax, they imagine resetting the programs in the body so they can WAKE UP IMMEDIATELY IF NECESSARY and walk to the bathroom. Otherwise they reset the bladder to STRETCH AND STAY CLOSED ALL NIGHT till they wake in the morning feeling a sense of relief and pride

The recording uses state of the art technology

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